Sous Vide: Berkshire Pork Chops

I’ve never been a fan of pork chops. I swear, every pork chop I’ve ever had has been overcooked, stuffed full of crap or just plain had no taste! I can’t cook them and I don’t know anyone else that makes a good chop… that is, until I tried one sous vide!

I purchased four, thick cut, bone-in Berkshire pork chops from Wild Fork Foods a few weeks ago and they’ve been sitting in my deep freezer since then.

After a quick defrost, they were ready for their seasoning! Looks at these beauties!

I seasoned these pretty simply….

  • Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
  • Dried Rosemary Spice

I’ve cooked similar pork chops before and I’ve had the most success at 138 degrees for 6 hours. I keep feeling like I need to go a bit longer but this timing has always worked well for me.

After roughly six hours in the meat bath, I pulled the pork chops and got them ready for the finishing touch.

I finish off all of my sous vide projects with my Harbor Freight weed eater… or, a blow torch. This thing works amazingly well and I love using it to finish my cook off with an awesome sear! 

As you can see, it produces a great sear and makes the proteins look perfect! 

It looked and smelled amazing! I needed to finish up a few other tasks and let them rest for a few minutes. Ready for dinner? I was! 

We all dug in and the room was quiet. That’s a good sign. They were so juicy and full of flavor. I was shocked at how well they turned out!

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